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All Phase Resurfacing


-Don't replace it, reface it!!!
-Up to 80% savings over replacement! 
-Locally owned and operated. Licensed bonded and insured
-TubKing Trained
-TopKote Professional
-we only use industrial strength coatings. We do not use over the counter or DIY kits
The Refinishing Process

The refinishing process involves removing all the old caulking and thoroughly cleaning the surface to be refinished with a cleaning solution and then a mild etching solution is used to finish removing deep stains and help maximize the bonding process by opening the pores

Next, the surface and surrounding area is dried. It is very important to remove soap, film or any other contaminants as this is essential for bonding. Major damage, rust, chips, scratches, nicks or any other imperfections that the surface may have are filled with a marine grade bondo or fiberglass. Once completely dried they are sanded, filled again, and sanded down again as many times needed to smooth out.

Then the walls, floor, and any fixtures are masked off with tape, paper and plastic to protect from overspray. The bathtub is solvent wiped to remove any contaminants, and an cross link adhesion promoter is applied. The bathtub is wiped down a final time with a tack cloth to remove any further contaminants, and then several coats of an aliphatic polyurethane acrylic enamel are applied to the bathtub. All Phase Resurfacing does not use an epoxy coating due to yellowing over time. 

After about 15 minutes, the surface is dry to the touch and all masking is removed. We now double check for any final touch ups that may be needed and re-caulk 

with a mildew resistant silicone caulking. If you like, we can even put an SRS nonslip pad at the bottom of the tub. This is only visible up close.

Finally, once we have gotten your approval on the bathtub, we do a final cleanup and give you your receipt along with aftercare instructions. Oh and we collect payment. Your tub is ready for use after only 24 hours.

Turn Your Bathroom Wares From NOW To WOW! In 24 Hours Or Less Guaranted! Save Up To 80% Over Replacement.